The Mathematics teacher Difference

Research tells us that the biggest impact on student learning comes from the teacher. That’s at the heart of Mfacts Studio. A teacher who understands the true art of teaching is what can have the biggest effect for your child.

At Mfacts, we take the time to find out where each child is at in their maths learning and use this information to help every child move forward. We understand that it is a combination of mathematics teaching strategies, combined with interpersonal relationships, that will make all the difference.

About Justine.

We have expert knowledge of not only what children need to know, but how to best help them understand it. With the essential foundations in place, watch your child’s confidence and positivity grow! 

There is no cookie cutter approach here at Mathematics teacher ...we find the way to reach each child.

When this is combined with access to our child well-being collaborators and resources, parents have so many resources available to help guide their child to better outcomes. 

Justine is a highly qualified teacher with 20 years experience.


Her warmth and ability to relate to her students, combined with her expert knowledge of maths curriculum and best educational practices, enables her to deliver significant outcomes for the children she works with.

Most recently, Justine has worked as a school Maths Leader, Number Intervention Specialist and Tutor at RMIT university (Bachelor of Education Studies; Mathematics and Alegbra). Justine has additional training in working with students with specific learning difficulties, such as Dyscalculia. She is currently adding to her qualifications by completing a Masters of Education (Mathematics Leadership). Justine’s passion for maths education stems from her belief that everyone can be a ‘maths person’. Witnessing the changes in student self belief, seeing the students light up as they start to realise they can, is what drives her passion for maths education.