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We're different. We are boutique and that's how we like it. 

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Introducing Mfacts Studio

This means we first focus on building trust and rapport with your child then when we have set up a safe learning environment the learning can begin. We encourage curiosity, wonder and confidence.

A learning hub for the whole child, starting with maths, building well-being

Because you want the best for your child
Talk to us today if:

  • Your child is struggling with maths and seems to be losing self-confidence
  • You want your child to feel confident and happy about maths
  • You believe resilience and growth mindset are important
  • You've tried other maths tutoring and have not seen results
  • You want a caring, personalised approach
  • You feel your child has untapped maths potential

Specialists in Maths. Passionate about developing the whole child. See our growing range of learning activities and classes.

We exist to help your child shine!
At the our Studio, we focus on developing the whole child, after all, we know that the best results will come when each child is feeling confident. 


When children feel supported in their maths learning journey they express that confidence in a broader sense, well beyond the maths classroom.

We thrive on seeing student’s self belief grow, as they begin to realise ‘they can’! 

That led to the co-creation of Mathematics teacher, a highly regarded online resource for students as well as teachers to follow a systematic approach to effectively learn multiplication.

Launched in 2015 with her co-founder Nat Bierman, Justine continued to bring the Mathematics teacher approach to life in her regular local Mfacts Tutoring in city.

During her sessions Justine realised the profound confidence shift that occurs in children when they truly start to understand maths. A confidence shift that extended well beyond the classroom and into their entire way of being.

This insight led to her latest endeavour: Mfacts Studio, a hub for students, teachers and parents offering 1:1 and small group maths tuition, online learning programs, consulting, specially curated learning resources and a network of child well-being specialists for clients to access services such as mindfulness, resilience coaching and more.

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  • +31850043600

Our Mission 

Mathematics teacher has a mission to deliver programs that move mathematics education to becoming a foundation of life-long confidence, resilience and self efficacy for our participants. Statistics show that 40% of Year 8 students do not have the skills to progress in their maths learning journey. We understand that Mathematics is key for many learning and study pathways. All children should be afforded the opportunity to keep their possibilities open. That's why acting at the right time, fostering skills and attitudes in students at a young age and formulating resilience and self-belief can make a huge difference to this statistic.